Въздушен транспорт

Our business is to supply your business

The Company operates Air Cargo Division, With maintenance of daily connection from SOFIA Airport via HUBS of ISTANBUL,FRANKFURT, MOSCOW, BUDAPEST and PRAGUE we offer timely deliveries worldwide.

  • We coordinate with air freight operations to ship your cargo in the most cost efficient manner
  • You can rely on us: Balkan Lloyd Air Cargo always takes you further.
  • Our business is anything but standard. We manage extraordinary transportation solutions.
  • We bring everything to the place you want it to be. If scheduled flights won?t take you to your destination Balkan Lloyd Air Cargo guarantees for your complete transportation success.

Balkan Lloyd Air Cargo ready to provide tailored solution to every transport order. By understanding of customer advice and consulting the client for best transportation, we finally offer complete and reliable air package.

We are bound to highest quality in our work for each selected destination. If you take a look at our references you will find out soon that Balkan Lloyd Air Cargo in all areas has found exactly the solutions that provided our clients with the decisive lead and so took them further in any case:

Golden Air Llc
Ceramistone International
AC Group Worldwide
Paragon Inc
Cavalier Air International