Дистибуция Балкански страни

Delivery services to any place and customs within Balkans : Bulgaria-Romania-Serbia-Macedonia-Greece. Integrated logistics solutions with affiliated offices at Sofia, Bucharest, Athens, Skopje, Belgrade.

Bringing Offshore Onshore – The Foreign Trade Zone

Balkan Express Services is located partially within Port Foreign Trade Zones. These are an areas recognized by theВ  governments where both foreign and domestic merchandise is considered international commerce.

As such, inventory taxes, personal property taxes, customs duties and tariffs may be reduced, deferred or completely eliminated. Merchandise in this area may also be processed, manufactured, assembled and packaged.

These services and tax advantages can offer substantial savings to companies. They provide a powerful marketing edge in bringing offshore products into the Balkan States as cost-effectively as possible.

Ask your Balkan Lloyd representative for more information about how your company can benefit from our relationship within this zone.

Benefits of storing and/or assembling merchandise within this zone include:

  • Customs duties deferred, improving cash flow
  • Customs duties eliminated on damaged or unmarketable items
  • Customs duties reduced for privileged/unprivileged merchandise
  • Limit non-value-added costs while manipulating or processing merchandise
  • Store bonded and non-bonded merchandise in one location
  • Transfer merchandise from heavy ocean or bulk containers into lightweight units
  • Continue to import and work with quota items even after quota has been reached
  • Expedite shipments with quick response value addition
  • Access merchandise without presence of customs personnel
  • Reduced insurance rates

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