Логистика хладилни товари

This is our „food“ division. Not fruits, vegetables, or flowers, yet wearing apparel is a product that often has an expiration date just the same. Your purchase orders have a finite cancel date, so we offer an array of services to keep your shipment from „spoiling“. We recognize that your purchase orders must deliver on a timely basis. Our commitment is to provide the necessary services for timely transits and deliveries.

Retail Routings

We are the routed carrier for several major retail accounts. At this time, we service twelve in total. Our client list includes specialty retail chains, catalogue companies, and major discount retailers. Our service menu provides surface consolidation services as well as expedited airfreight transits.

Service Levels

Our ground and air transportation offers transit times that fit our client’s needs.

  • Multiple vendor pick-ups
  • Several trailer releases weekly
  • Team service
  • Sort & Segregation
  • Airfreight departures nightly

Purchase Order Management

  • P.O. verification at point of Dispatch
  • P.O. authorization list accessed direct from retail partner or scanned into BLFR intranet system
  • Valid purchase orders expedited and stored in consolidation loads

No-Cost Contact

Toll-free access from anywhere in the Balkans. Get quotes, dispatch shipments, verify purchase orders, set appointments, or request P.O.D.s. If you prefer, Dispatch entry, tracking, tracing, and Proof-Of-Deliveries are all available on additional request

Online Services / E.D.I

Our online services provide automatic shipment status updates from our airline partners and satellite tracking on our trailer consolidations. Access our web site for immediate status updates on your shipments. Additionally, our Customer Access Program gives you the ability to retrieve information on past and current shipments. Search for a record by house-bill number, date, p.o. number, shipper, or consignee. Enter pick-up records directly into our system for immediate dispatch. Obtain appointment times, P.O.D.s and customer shipment manifests. Revenue screens are available to review each shipment.

Quick Response

Timing is of the essence pertaining to both retail and air freight service. Providing store floor replenishment and timely transit of goods to each retailer is a service that can be given only by a transportation specialist that understands the industry. Our background and experience gives us the knowledge necessary to fulfil the finest of details and requirements.