ISO 9000 Сертификат

For more than 20 years Balkan Lloyd has consistently provided our customers with the Right Sail – backed with the right solutions, and the right people – always exceeding their expectations. We have a proven track record for client satisfaction that stems from an experienced and innovative team supported by quality agency network worldwide. This winning combination has created a standard of service that has enabled Balkan Lloyd to become ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Balkan Lloyd also has a long legacy of handling our customers’ shipments on time and at competitive prices with superior, responsive customer service. We are committed to finding new ways to improve the quality of service we deliver to our clients.

Balkan Lloyd has implemented a continuous improvement certification program that focuses on our key processes and uses the latest in Six Sigma/Process Improvement tools to enhance the services we deliver to you.

Trust ‘Balkan Sail’ to deliver added value in meeting your transportation requirements, and to help you find solutions to all your transportation needs. Contact us today to find out why we are the leaders in quality, customer-oriented service solutions