With support of strategically located warehouses and wide range of transport units Balkan Lloyd provides national distribution works  for any consumer goods, cargoes moved to mega stores, Free Zone Areas.

Daily Pick-Up & Delivery Schemes are operated for Sofia & Varna.


  • Allocate orders
  • Update ship information
  • Close orders
  • Update delivery information


  • User maintenance
  • Client maintenance
  • SKU maintenance
  • Reason code maintenance
  • Location maintenance


  • Receive inventory
  • Adjust inventory
  • Hold and release maintenance
  • Print barcode labels
  • Print pick/pack list
  • Inventory moves
  • Lot management
  • Task management
  • Override location reason code


  • Order report
  • Inventory report
  • Inventory activity report
  • Inventory availability report
  • Pick/pack list report
  • Packing list report
  • Purchase order report
  • Inventory on hold report
  • Inventory by location (including hold reasons) report
  • Cycle count/physical inventory report