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Balkan Lloyd looks forward to helping you meet all your transportation requirements through our unique, one-stop “door to- door” service! Or, contact us for more information on how Balkan Lloyd can meet your needs with affordable, effective transportation solutions.

Reliable Sail For Your Cargo

Our clients know this, because we prove it every day.  At Balkan Lloyd we have made sure that our organization has the ability to act quickly on your requests. For every shipment there is something new to be considered: the number of packages, the size, shape, weight, height and timing. That’s why we have adopted a more personal approach to your cargo. Strong, reliable transport solutions, often created in close collaboration with our customers, help us to think on new horizons.

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Global Port Destination with Personal Touch

All across Balkans, whether you import or export, Balkan Lloyd is the simple way to bring the ocean to your shipping dock.

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We run a tight ship

Balkan Lloyd offers you operating efficiencies combining from elite partners’ freight network and high local expertise  forming this way – one of  Black Sea’s largest transport marketing structure. Through our network of Regional Operating Centers, located in key international gateways, we manage thousands of consignments and enjoy priority access to loading lists.

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Smooth sailing at every turn

Balkan Lloyd will handle your port handling and manage your shipments every step of the way. We have the expertise, the connections, and the information technology to track and trace shipments, domesticate carriers, balance lanes, and achieve maximum shipping efficiencies of your behalf.

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