Our Logistics Values

  • Integrity in all our relationships
  • Respect for each individual
  • Operational excellence
  • Hard work and continuous improvement
  • Innovation and creativity

Our Leadership Principles

BL Logistics has a knowledgeable, experienced management team. Our leaders abide by the following principles:

  • BL Logistics managers are PASSIONATE about working with their team mates and for their company
  • We must be INNOVATIVE to ensure continuous improvement while being DECISIVE in setting our direction to ensure our success.
  • Each leader must listen intently while responding in a clear and concise manner to all team mates to ensure good COMMUNICATIONS are achieved.
  • Our leaders must have the VISION to make a difference.
  • Our code of values is reflected by the INTEGRITY in which we conduct ourselves.
  • It is the BL Logistics leaders’ responsibility to LEAD BY EXAMPLE each and every day.

Our Vision

We will provide innovative logistics solutions that support our customers needs and improve complete supply-chain performance. We will accomplish this through effective use of our operating expertise, integrated technology applications and collaborative project planning. By remaining flexible and innovative, we will work with our customers to create long-term partnerships that focus on quality, cost savings and world-class solutions.

We will, at all times, work with our customers in accordance with our leadership principles: integrity, innovation, vision, passion, decisiveness, communication and leadership by example.