By INFORMALL – Black Sea Container Market Review 12M 2020


Black Sea Container Market Review 12m 2020 // by Informall B.G.

In 2020 against 2019 Ukraine was a leader by total laden container turnover at the Black Sea region. Russia and Romania remained second and third among the Black Sea countries by total laden container turnover. Ukrainian terminals have also improved their leadership by total container turnover with 32,19% of market share, they gained 2,12 p.p. compared to 2019, while Russia had 24,86% and gained 1,62 p.p. of market share compared to 2019. In 2020 Ukraine has achieved 2,28% growth of total container turnover (terminals of Kherson, Mariupol and Dnepropetrovsk are excluded) compared to 2019 and that growth has continued in Ukraine in 2017 – 2020, indicating that the economy is growing, in spite of COVID-19 and its major impact on the world economy. Russia achieved volume increase of 2,22% at the Black Sea. In 2020 Ukrainian and Russian container markets have grown, while Romanian, Georgian and Bulgarian markets have decreased.

In total, the Black Sea region reached 3 164 148 TEU in 2020 and decreased by 4,45% against 2019

In 2020 leading carriers at the Black Sea were MAERSK, MSC, COSCOCS, CMA CGM and ZIM.

Black sea container market is represented by Ukraine, Russia (Black Sea part), Romania, Bulgaria and Georgia. In 2020 it had a volume of 3 164 148 TEU. In 2019 Ukraine and Russia has
major shares of the market – 30,07% and 23,24% respectively, while Georgia had 19,47% share, Romania – 19,35% and Bulgaria – 7,88%. In 2020 the situation has changed – Ukraine had a major share of 32,19%, while Russia secured the second place with 24,86% and Romania became third with 19,44% share, Georgia has decreased its share to 15,50%, while Bulgaria increased to 8,02%.

Growth 2020 vs 2019 by countries

Country2020 TEU2019 TEUGrowth 2020 vs 2019 %
Ukraine1 018 446995 7032,28%
Russia (BS)786 565
769 5112,22%
Romania615 091640 789-4,01%
Georgia490 370644 716-23,94%
Bulgaria253 676260 810-2,74%
Total3 164 148 3 311 529-4,45%

All countries of the Black Sea region except Ukraine and Russia faced volume decrease in 2020 against 2019. The highest growth was reached by Ukraine, while the highest decrease was in
Georgia. The countries’ shares in the mentioned period were re-distributed as follows:

Countries shares 2020 vs 2019

Country20202019Changes p.p.
Ukraine32,19% 30,07%2,12
Russia (BS)24,86% 23,24%1,62
Romania19,44%19,35% 0,09
Georgia15,50%19,47% -3,97

Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and Romania have increased their market shares while Georgia has decreased

Full Containers distribution 2020 by countries, TEU

TEU full
SHARE full
TEU full
SHARE full
Ukraine439 95853,66%380 00046,34%
Russia (BS)332 21256,31%257 74943,69%
Romania229 28148,82%240 383 51,18%
Georgia238 29884,08%45 106 15,92%
Bulgaria99 69049,51%101 656 50,49%
Total1 339 43956,65% 1 024 89443,35%

Bulgaria and Romania were most balanced countries in 2020. Georgia was a country with the highest inbound share in 2020 (imported 84,08% of laden container volume). Ukraine and Russia have increased import over export.

Major carriers

In 2020 MAERSK was the leading carrier at the Black Sea container market, it has achieved 2,61% growth of laden container volume, compared to 2019 and reached 611k TEU or 25,88% share at the Black Sea. The second place was secured by MSC with 2,97% of laden volume decrease in 2020 against 2019 and 0,06 p.p. increase of the Black Sea market share to 21,56% or 509k TEU. COSCOCS was at the third place, it has achieved 0,38% increase of laden container volume in 2020 compared to 2019 and reached the volume of 244k TEU or 10,32% share of the Black Sea market. CMA CGM was at the fourth place with a share of 9,41% or 222k TEU and ZIM was at the fifth place with 7,75% share or 183k TEU in 2020. Among TOP-5 carriers CMA CGM achieved highest laden container volume growth of 9,51%. All TOP-5 carriers of the Black Sea region except MSC and ZIM have achieved volume growth in 2020 against 2019.

Source: Infomall B.G.