Arkas Line and Turkon launched a new joint route called Turkey Levant Service


ARKAS Up-grades

In order to increase its shipping capacity from Turkey to Egypt, Lebanon and Syria, Arkas Line is cooperating with Turkon Line regarding vessel operations on the same line. The two companies offer customers that do business in the region a valuable service thanks to the Levant Service provided with vessels capable of carrying 1,900 TEU.

The service runs once every eight days following an Izmit (Evyap)-Bursa (Gemlik)-Istanbul (Marport)-Izmir (Alsancak)-Izmir (Aliağa)-Mersin-Damietta-Alexandria-Beirut-Latakia-Izmit (Evyap) route.

Exports such as iron-steel, machinery, devices and tools, plastic and plastic products are shipped from Turkey to Lebanon while products such as scrap iron-steel, organic-inorganic compounds, plastic and plastic products, raw leather, hides and pelts are imported.

The potential for the export of agricultural products, food processing and packaging and textiles as well as construction and business machinery from Turkey to Syria is quite high so these are the products that are generally shipped. Products that Egypt imports from Turkey include iron, synthetic fiber bundles, petroleum and bituminous mineral oils, unalloyed semi-finished steel products, passenger automobiles and race cars and it exports copper wire, rice, carbon and cotton thread.