By INFORMALL- Black Sea Container Market Review Q1 2017


In total, the Black Sea region reached 642 308 TEU in Q1 2017 and increased by 9,39% against Q1 2016 // by Informall B.G.

Black Sea Container market overview

Black sea container market is represented by Ukraine, Romania, Russia (Black Sea part), Bulgaria and Georgia. In Q1 2017 it had a volume of 642 308 TEU. In Q1 2016 Russia and Ukraine had major shares of the market – 27,66% and 26,07% respectively, while Romania had 25,19% share, Georgia – 12,70% and Bulgaria – 8,38%.

The analysis includes the following terminals: Constanta (DPW, SOCEP), Novorossiysk (NUTEP, NSCP, NLE), Odessa (HPC, BKP), CRK, TIS, CRK FISH, POTI, BATUMI, VARNA, BURGAS.

Total container turnover of Romania, Ukraine, Russia (Black Sea), Georgia and Bulgaria in Q1 2017 was 642 308 TEU (excluding transshipment, including empty containers) compared to Q1 2016 – 587 168 TEU (9,39% growth of volume).

Growth Q1 2017 vs Q1 2016 by countries 

The ratio of total containers handled in Q1 2017 was 72,43% of full containers and 27,57% of empty containers. Q1 2017 showed the following full containers distribution: import full – 53,76% and export full – 46,24%

Full Containers distribution Q1 2017 by countries, TEU

Major carriers

 In Q1 2017 the leading carrier at the Black Sea container market was MAERSK, which achieved 7,84% growth of laden container volume, compared to Q1 2016 and reached 107k TEU or 23,02% share at the Black Sea.

The second place was secured by MSC with 10,81% of laden volume growth in Q1 2017 against Q1 2016 and 0,32 p.p. growth of the Black Sea market share to 21,95% or 102k TEU.

ARKAS was at the third place, it achieved 17,23% growth of laden container volume in Q1 2017 compared to Q1 2016 and reached a volume of 50k TEU or 10,77% share of the Black Sea market.

CMA CGM was at the fourth place with a share of 9,44% or 43k TEU and COSCO was at the fifth place with 8,17% share or 38k TEU in Q1 2017. Among TOP-5 carriers COSCO achieved highest laden container volume growth of 28,27%, while CMA CGM was the only carrier which suffered laden container volume drop in Q1 2017.

Source: Infomall B.G.