By INFORMALL – Black Sea container terminals of Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and Bulgaria 2016 3Q


Black Sea Container Market is represented by Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia (Black Sea part) and Georgia.
In 9m 2016 it had a volume of 1 839 869 TEU. In 9m 2015 Ukraine and Romania had a major share of the market – 27,69% and 26,11% respectively, while Russia had 24,77% share, Georgia – 13,12% and Bulgaria – 8,32%. In 9m 2016 Ukraine had a major share of 27,69%, while Russia moved to the third place with 24,77%. At the same time, Romania moved to the second place with 26,11% share, Georgia and Bulgaria have significantly decreased their shares to 13,12% and 8,32% respectively.

Full containers turnover by countries, TEU

Country9m 2016,
TEU full
9m 2015,
TEU full
Ukraine509 412380 01234,05%
Romania480 363461 0904,18%
Russia (BS)457 738
442 3953,02%
Georgia241 323290 822-17,02%
Bulgaria153 034148 9522,74%
Total1 839 8691 723 2696,77%

In 9m 2016 Ukraine, Romania, Russia and Bulgaria have shown an increase of container turnover at the Black Sea;

Romania continued its growth of 2013 which was 14,34%, and in 2014 it stated 4,95% with a further growth of 5,26% in 2015. In 9m 2016 Romania achieved growth of 4,18%.

In 2015 Ukraine had the highest drop rate of 22,12%, which was a result of the military conflict in the eastern part of the country, but in 9m 2016 compared to 9m 2015 Ukraine achieved unexpected growth of 34,05% which is a very positive signal for the market, the country is recovering from the crisis very fast.

Bulgaria achieved growth of 2,74% in 9m 2016 compared to 9m 2015.

Georgia had 10,79% growth rate in 2014, which was 2,19 p.p. lower than it was in 2013 (12,98%), but in 2015 Georgia had 15,03% decrease of container turnover. In 9m 2016 compared to 9m 2015 Georgia suffered significant container volume drop of 17,02%, it can be explained by the crisis, which came to Georgia later than it took place in Ukraine and Russia. Transit traffic through Georgia to Azerbaijan has significantly decreased due to a strong decline of the local currency.

Russia achieved growth of 3,02% in 9m 2016 against 9m 2015. A military conflict in the East of Ukraine and prolonged economic sanctions against Russia definitely had an impact on container turnover of the port of Novorossiysk.

Major Carriers

In 9m 2016 the leading carrier at the Black Sea container market was MAERSK, which achieved 11,47% growth of laden container volume, compared to 9m 2015 and reached 319k TEU or 23,70% share at the Black Sea.

The second place was secured by MSC with 3,45% of laden volume growth in 9m 2016 against 9m 2015 and 1,61 p.p. drop of the Black Sea market share to 21,79% or 293k TEU. Considering the merger of CSAV and Hapag-Lloyd, MSC suffered the largest market share drop of laden container volume at the Black Sea market in 9m 2016.

CMA CGM was at the third place, it has achieved 12,92% growth of laden container volume in 9m 2016 compared to 9m 2015 and reached a volume of 145k TEU or 10,78% share of the Black Sea market.

ARKAS was at the fourth place with a share of 9,56% or 128k TEU and ZIM was at the fifth place with 8,09% share or 109k TEU in 9m 2016. Among TOP-5 carriers ARKAS achieved highest laden container volume growth of 23,94% in 9m 2016.

As for the Lines in the region, the leaders remained the same: MSC, Maersk Line, CMA CGM, ZIM and ARKAS. Mentioned carriers control 71,62% of this market.

Source: Infomall B.G.